Key Facts

Name: CABA Hedge KL A

ISIN: DK0060814523

Inception: July 11, 2017

Estimated NAV

Calculated as of: 01-06-2023

Net Asset Value (NAV): DKK 94,49


Official NAV & AUM

Calculated for every Tuesday and ultimo each month

Calculated as of: 30-05-2023

Net Asset Value (NAV): DKK 95,01

Issuing price: DKK 95,96

Redemption price: DKK 94,06

AUM (Strategy): DKK 845 million 

CABA Hedge is open for new investors.

Please send us an e-mail at, or reach out to your contact person in CABA Capital if you would like a presentation of CABA Hedge.